Auditing Solutions

Evaluate. Analyze. Optimize.

Choosing S3M for your auditing needs means gaining a partner committed to your success. Through our outcomes-focused, partnership-driven, and growth-oriented approach, we provide not just audits, but a roadmap to a more efficient, effective, and prosperous future for your business across disciplines.

Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit thoroughly examines your social media presence and strategy to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement, providing actionable insights and recommendations to enhance online engagement and reach.

Schedule Audit
  • Platform Performance Analysis
  • Audience Engagement Check
  • Competitor Assessment Review
  • Content Marketing Optimization
  • Recommendations For Growth

CRM Audit

Our CRM Audit evaluates the setup and usage of HubSpot's tools and features within your company, ensuring they are fully optimized to meet marketing, sales, and service goals effectively.

Schedule Audit
  • CRM Configuration Check
  • Marketing Automation Evaluation
  • Hub Usage & Expansion Review
  • Sales Pipeline Analysis
  • Lead Management Assessment
  • HubSpot Improvements Plan

SalesOps Audit

SalesOps Audit assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales operations and team, focusing on processes, tools, and strategies to drive sales performance and productivity improvements.

Schedule Audit
  • Sales Process Evaluation
  • MarTech Intergration Review
  • Automation + AI Assessment
  • Data & Reporting Analysis
  • Team Alignment & Performance
  • Sales Pipeline Optimization Plan

GTM + PMF Audit

GTM (Go-to-Market) + PMF (Product-Market Fit) Audit analyzes your market demand, brand positioning, and most viable product alignment to ensure they are setup for successful entry and growth in your  target market.

Schedule Audit
  • Market Strategy Evaluation
  • Product Alignment Check
  • Brand Viability Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape Review
  • Target Customer Analysis
  • Strategy Refinement Plan

DEIBA Compliance Intensive

This 'groundwork' evaluates your integration of DEIBA principles across marketing, sales, and creative domains, aiming to enhance brand resonance and inclusivity. This compliance assessment pinpoints strengths and opportunities, ensuring DEIBA values are woven into your business to boost customer engagement, sales performance, and foster inclusive culture.

Schedule Intensive
  • DEIBA Statement & Policy Review
  • Community & Culture Check
  • Inclusive Marketing Alignment
  • Sales Diversity Assessment
  • Creative Media Inclusion Audit
  • Accessibility Practice Evaluation

Innovation Incubator

The Innovation Incubator is a think tank  to unlock your brand's potential. Our team of experts will guide you through brainstorming sessions that spark innovation and provide actionable insights. Whether you're looking to refresh your offerings or reposition your brand, our incubator helps get you unstuck, transforming ideas into tangible results.

Schedule Incubator
  • Idea Validation Questionnaire
  • Market Fit + Demand Analysis
  • Expert-Led Brainstorming Sessions
  • Brand Positioning Strategies
  • Implementation Roadmapping
  • Prototyping & Testing Mockups

Our Five-Point Audit Process

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What Is An Audit?

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