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At Season Three Media, we champion a vibrant and comprehensive strategy for elevating brands and engaging audiences. Our focus? Crafting immersive experiences that connect deeply and broadly. Through seamlessly blending purpose-driven branding with diverse human experiences across all touchpoints — physical, digital, and social — we're set on driving significant growth and fostering genuine connections


We leverage creative narratives to capture the essence of your brand's purpose, connecting emotionally with the audience to forge memorable experiences that stand out in a crowded marketplace.


We ensure representation and inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives integrated into all initiatives fostering a sense of community and belonging among consumers, encouraging engagement and loyalty.


We employ the latest technologies, trends, methodologies, AI-driven advancements, and culturally-adept practices into our strategies and offerings for  impact, continuous improvement, and relevance.

We are Də-ˈvər-sə-ˌfīd

S3M is a minority-owned, woman-led, black-led, latina-led collective that helps emerging and top-tier brands revolutionize their go-to-marketing, sales, events, marketing, brand positioning, media, and operations. We cultivate a fresh ethos that profoundly values diversity, equitable inclusion, and a culture of belonging, fueling explosive, quantum-level growth!

Our Team

"Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not a checkbox, it's a strategic advantage. True growth requires authenticity, transparency, inclusiveness, technology, and systems."
— Christina Kay, CEO

Christina Kay, Co-Founder

Managing Partner + CEO

Troy Sandidge, Co-Founder

Managing Partner + CMO

Diana Macdonald

Chief Operations Officer

Diversity-Led Growth Is Our Ethos

"Diversity drives revenue, inclusivity is the secret to innovation, and community is the heart and soul to cultivate business. It’s the now. It’s the future. It’s the way to move forward doing business, building brands, and putting on unforgettable events and experiences. Modern business profitability will not be as poignant without inclusivity reverberating with resounding urgency."
— Troy Sandidge, CMO

Diversity Equals Revenue

We believe that focusing on diversity drives more revenue, expands community, and taps into more buying power.

Empowerment Fuels Success

We know that minority empowerment fuels success while also inviting and inspiring innovation.

Investments Make Impact

We acknowledge the right investments in underrepresented communities and business will make a lasting impact.

Grow & Scale Your Business With Diversity-Led Innovation

Diversity = Revenue
Inclusion = Innovation
Technology = Scalability
Edutainment = New Media
Community = Sustainability

We're not content with the status quo. We foster a culture of continuous innovation, encouraging our team to think outside the box, experiment with new ideas, and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Let's Soar To New Heights Together!

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